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Startup & eCommerce CPA

Startup companies & E-commerce firms have unique accounting needs that require competent and experienced CPA firms.  E-commerce for instance has large transaction volume, large sales volume, intrastate or interstate regulation, importation, and exportation which complicate their accounting procedures. This requires a specialized accounting firm with experience and knowledge in this area to help your business in recording revenue and expenses, meet the tax requirements of the industry and ensure all the deductions are made accurately.

A startup requires a CPA firm in every aspect. Many small businesses fail due to issues related to cash flow. Having an experienced and competent team working with you helps you maintain a healthy cash flow among other functions.

Our services to startups

We have helped many startups over many years to navigate the complicated procedures required to build a business from scratch. After starting your business, there is a lot that needs to be done and at times you can get overwhelmed hence handling the most important issues wrongly. Remember, when you do something right the first time, it costs nothing, and we seek to help you achieve that. Our competent team can help you with the following:

  • Financial planning. To keep a healthy cash flow until you start realizing sales
  • Tax computation. Failure to file taxes properly can get you in trouble with the IRS, we help you avoid this
  • Human resource management. How to determine remuneration for employees and payroll management
  • Balance sheet analysis and profit and loss computation. To help you understand whether you are making profit or loss

We provide every service that your startup needs to succeed, hence we free you to concentrate on production. We use industry analysis to provide a comparison between your firm and others in the industry hence offer solid business advice.

What we offer your E-commerce firm

Our team conducts research on best practices and gives recommendations that can help your eCommerce business adopt best accounting and industry-specific principles. In addition to the services listed above, we have specialized services designed to meet the unique needs of your internet-based business. We offer the following services to optimize your operations:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting that meets your business need to ensure accurate recording of all revenues and expenses.
  • Remote quick books system which is designed for internet-based businesses
  • Planning, computation, and deduction of industry-specific taxes
  • Auditing
  • Payroll

Any Startup company & E-commerce firm can benefit from our services. Some businesses might want to hire an accountant instead of a CPA firm to lower costs. Remember what you get from us is more than solving your accounting needs. We strive to partner with you and help you at every stage of your business. During startup, growth, or expansion, we promise to be there with you walking through the business challenges together.