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Our Values

Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.


We are committed to working with integrity and professionalism. We take the time to learn about our clients’ businesses, goals and objectives, as well as their concerns and needs. Our firm considers its success directly related to the success of its client base. This means that we strive for excellence at all times while keeping client satisfaction at the forefront of your needs. We feel that if we do not provide exceptional value that you will seek out other options which may be less expensive or more convenient but will not provide you with superior service.

Our high standards are evident in our attention to detail, prompt responsiveness and quality work. Our commitment to maintaining an environment of excellence is demonstrated by each employee’s personal dedication to attaining these goals on behalf of the firm and its clients.

We believe that providing outstanding service means more than simply doing a job well; it also means exceeding your expectations repeatedly, finding new ways to fulfill your needs when others may not have been able to do so, and giving you confidence in our understanding of your goals for the future at every step along the way. We take great pride in all we do as we strive daily to reach this goal-one client at a time.

Professionalism permeates who we are as individuals, and is a critical foundation for our firm. It affords us the opportunity to build productive relationships with one another, and with all those individuals who are important to each client’s success.

Professionalism defines our practice it also serves as a model for building success in other walks of life: by being ethical, having high standards, being responsive with value-added benefits, and practicing sound business principles when dealing with others. To be professional means that we strive to always do what is right for you, the client. It also means that we don’t sacrifice our integrity or standards just because someone has more money or influence than us-regardless of their position or title within an organization.


To maintain this level of performance, we are committed to providing responsive service. This commitment means that our values will be integrated into the way we serve our clients, and will determine how we approach their tax and accounting needs.

Responsiveness is all about making sure you get what you-the client want. We gather information to fully understand your situation, then offer creative alternatives and recommendations that fit with your goals and lifestyle. Our responsiveness both reflects and contributes to the relationships we build with each client and the trust they place in us as professionals who provide solutions for their unique problems.

Our responsiveness also makes a difference for those of us working within the firm: it provides an environment where employees know they contribute meaningfully to serving client needs on a daily basis, which helps them perform at exceptionally high standards consistently.

XOA TAX is built on the philosophy of teamwork, and we rely heavily on one another to accomplish our goals. Responsiveness means staying in contact with you throughout each case or transaction by providing frequent updates about its status. We are also committed to ensuring that each client receives a prompt response when contacting us-even if it means interrupting a CPA or tax attorney during his lunch break.

Responsiveness also helps us anticipate your needs. We strive to go beyond what is necessary by delivering the information you need in a timely manner or helping you find answers to your questions whether we are working on your case or not.


We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality level of service. Our tax professionals have specific technical expertise required by our clients. We believe that in order to meet their needs it is imperative that we acquire the most up-to-date knowledge of tax laws and regulations which lead to better customer service.

That is why a number of our tax professionals stay up to date on tax and accounting developments by attending tax focused conferences at the national, regional and local levels.

Our tax professionals are constantly upgrading their skills by taking tax related courses which might be offered in any area of tax practice such as: taxation of S-corps, partnerships, LLCs; estate planning; entity compliance (LLCs & corporations); payroll tax issues; etc.

In order to keep our tax professionals up-to-date on tax trends and new tax laws, XOA TAX has an ongoing relationship with several highly reputable education vendors providing year-round continuing professional education for its tax staff. We also have active tax professionals’ tax associations affiliations including: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), Spidell’s Continuing Education System (CPE) and Tax Executives Institute (TEI) which provide tax professionals with regular tax updates from the IRS, as well as tax resolutions.

We have a long history of tax preparation and tax consulting services which has developed into a strong tax practice that is currently the most responsive, competent and qualified in business of Tax Advisory Services. Our tax professionals are committed to serving the needs of our clients with high quality tax return preparation, tax planning, tax representation in audits/appeals and tax controversy resolution services.

We want to work with you and always answer your questions. We are here for you anytime.