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New Business Formation

Helping You Build the Foundation for a Successful Business

Starting your own business is not easy. As a new entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats and juggle multiple tasks at once. You have to come up with a name for your business, decide on the legal structure of your company, register it with the right government agencies, find employees or contractors that are willing to work on an hourly basis instead of being paid by the hour, create contracts for them (and yourself), set up accounting software so you can track how much money comes in and goes out of your bank account every day…

From choosing a business entity, setting up payroll taxes, or managing cash flow – we have everything covered. And if you need any advice along the way, our team is here for you to answer your questions and provide guidance as needed. So what are you waiting for? Let us take care of all those nitty-gritty details so you can focus on what really matters – running your business!

What We Do for You:
  • Determine which business entity best meets your goals and minimizes tax liability
  • Partnership agreements
  • Prepare a cash flow budget
  • Create a business plan to help you secure financing (if needed)
  • Set up an accounting system using software that works for you
  • Create billing systems and implement policies and procedures for collections
  • Make sure you are compliant with state, local, and federal tax laws such as sales and use tax, payroll tax, and Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Prepare annual tax returns and quarterly estimated taxes as needed
  • Assist you in filing paperwork for state and local licenses and permits as required
  • Assess your business insurance needs

Planning for Success – and Profit

Starting a business is both exciting and terrifying. You have big dreams, but you’re also aware of the challenges that come with owning your own company.

The biggest challenge is knowing where to start from – what legal structure should I choose? What tax entity should I register my business as? How do I get started on accounting and payroll?

XOA TAX can help you answer these questions and more by providing a complete solution for all of your tax needs. We’ll work closely with you to understand exactly what it is that makes your business unique, so we can provide customized solutions designed specifically for small businesses like yours.

Say “yes” to making your dream come true. If you’re ready to become your own boss and get your new business off to an excellent start, call us today or fill out the form below.