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Amazon Seller

Amazon sellers who are new to the business model can easily make mistakes when it comes to paying taxes

The complexity of tax laws and accounting procedures is a serious concern for many businesses, including those that sell on Amazon. It’s important to find an experienced partner you can trust with your financial reporting.

XOA TAX will provide you with all services related to tax and accounting issues related specifically to the Amazon marketplace. We have great experience in providing such services, so we know exactly what kind of challenges you might face as an Amazon seller, and how best to address them. Our goal is simple – help you succeed at selling on Amazon while keeping things easy for you!

Nexus For Amazon Sellers

Nexus can be a complicated issue for Amazon sellers. It is important to understand the different factors that go into determining if you have nexus in another state.

There are many situations where an Amazon seller may think they do not need to collect sales tax on orders shipped outside of their home state, but it turns out they actually do.

XOA TAX has years of experience dealing with this issue and will help you determine your nexus and the applicable taxes due for each customer’s address. We will help your business stay compliant with current laws while keeping costs down by filing all necessary returns electronically through our proprietary software system. You’ll never worry about collecting sales tax again!

The accounting and tax services provided by Amazon sellers are often insufficient, which can lead to costly errors

A small mistake in General Ledger or an improper calculation of sales tax can result in a big headache for your business. And it’s not just about making mistakes—taxes complicate matters even more because they’re subject to constant change.

XOA TAX offers experienced bookkeeping and financial services that take care of all the complicated details so you don’t have to worry about them. We handle everything from managing your accounts payable and receivable to preparing taxes at year-end with maximum efficiency while minimizing errors. Our staff handles financials for clients all over the country and internationally. We are available during tax season as well as throughout the year for any questions you may have.

Stay Ahead of the Competition.

We are ready to provide you with the advice and service that can lead you to financial success.

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